Am I Great . . . . . or what? 

I think I could be. Sometimes, how I think of things, may have to do with my point of view. I don’t know why, but I grew up dismissing any accomplishment. Changing that is a positive step. To do that, I focus on me. I’ve always thought if others need positive reinforcement from me, why wouldn’t I need that, from me. 

In 2013 . . . . . 

  • I traveled 2,594 miles on foot in 198 days
  • I pushed a 50 to 70 pound jogging stroller on those days 

    That is 13.10 miles per day for 198 days. That makes me feel good, to think of that. I’m not an ultra, well hold it, maybe I am an Ultra something. 

    I know this. That’s the most miles this man (62 at the time) has pushed a jogging stroller in any 198 day period. Yeah, I’m proud of the accomplishment. Here is a picture of me and my buddy.

    I need to look for the good in me also. Yes, I will amount to something. In fact, I already have. I’m thinking that even in failure, I can find something successful in attempts.

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