A philosophy is being born

I’m not the “Life’s a struggle, but I’m gonna pretend like it’s not” type. Mr. Lackey said “Write only when inspired and not in search of numbers.” That set well with me, although I have not shown it. After struggling with this for years, it’s time to exhibit faith in the feelings I have. Those feelings come from my life, and how I percieve it. Looking back I notice an attribute I have always had. The ability to persist, but I’m to noisy. Listening to others has taught me I also need to listen to me and to God. I’m 66 years old and hopefull to be here many more years. I wish to contribute by sharing what I can. I enjoy this blog. I enjoy figuring out “what I feel” and then sharing that. I enjoy sharing information concerning my goals, my successes and my failures. Hopefully that information will prove helpful to others, in some way. Maybe it will help me persist. 

I think there is value in telling others I have been indecisive, noisy and have exhibited success and failure, but kept going. My wish is to become less indecisive and quieter. Maybe that will result in more success. I am a work in progress and I’m thinking I will always will be. 

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate you. 

4 responses to “A philosophy is being born

  1. 👍😊👓🤔🤗


  2. I think you’re more of an inspiration than you really know. 🌹


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