A message to me about caregiving 

Jack, you have been with your mom since January 24th, 2016. It is to keep her safe. You have been there 91% of that time. (who’s counting) She is almost 89 years old. She does not want to be alone at night. She needs company 5 or 6 times a day and you do not know when that will be. Buddy, you have been extremely loyal to her and the job. Jack, you are luckier than a lot of caregivers, you have family near. They have provided the safety net that other 9% of the time. Lots of caregivers have no help at all. But still you are there, hanging tough, bad attitude and all sometimes, but you are there. 

Jack, you are one of the most persistent men, I have ever known. It’s not going to get easier, but you WILL get stronger. Continue to get up every day, get dressed up and keep her safe. Your man foe, is in your head. Do what you have always done buddy. Keep Going. Don’t let the change get ya down. 

This post is to me, from me. That’s pretty cool huh?

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