Sad or happy? It’s my choice right?

My wife, our two children and I visited the Great Smoky Mountains many times. It’s was good. I drove up a while back to run, jog and walk from Cherokee, North Carolina to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was on a mission then. This trip is to relax for a couple of days. I wondered when I left Roberta, Georgia, about my mood. When I have been  . . . . . Hold it, I forgot to say something. She is now my ex wife and my children are both in their forties. In the past I have found myself sad, at times such as these. I made a conscious decision on the fly, that I would go forward with energy and enthusiasm on this trip. Yep, mom’s fine, and I am too. 

Another thing. It’s like when you purchase a Volkswagon, you start noticing more of them. Each place I’ve stopped today, I’ve seen lots of folks on their own. Anyway, here’s a picture taken behind the motel. 

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