My week in the Smoky Mountains in my tent – searching 

A few years back, after my divorce, I found a couple that let me park my car in their yard, they took me to Newfound Gap. I spent a week out there. It was the coldest sustained weather I had ever been in. It was well below zero over 5000 feet. The wind most nights was howling. 

I tried to find some of them and I think I did. I didn’t ask. We sat and talked. They all three had served in Vietnam. I thanked them for their service. They appreciated the gesture. I spent my service on an aircraft carrier, mostly in the Mediterranean. 

I enjoyed the weather, the views and the peace. I arrived back at the Gap several hours early on pickup day and they were already there. We had lunch in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He was a Veteran of Vietnam also. He passed away a couple of years later. When I called back a month later, their phone was no longer in service. I found the house yesterday and neighbors say she moved away the week after his death . When they helped me, they were both in their late seventies. Good Folks. 

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