words from a native American Indian 

I was in Cherokee, North Carolina and decided to go for a walk. I went to the area that houses some of the souvenir shops. I paused for a moment when I came upon what appeared to be a Cherokee indian. He was standing under a large umbrella and was dressed in the attire I remember seeing in television shows. A young girl ran up, handed him some currency, and a young man took the picture. The Indian stepped out from under the umbrella and walked over. He asked where I was from and thanked me for my service. (Navy cap). We spoke of Georgia for a moment. Their was a pause in our conversation. Finally, very sincerely, he said these words. “I wish I knew how to make things better for us” 

He became busy and I left. I took note of the sincere tone of his voice and I sensed a sadnness. 

I found this picture using Google

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