Would finding cures create jobs? 

I don’t know about create, but I think it’s worth a look at the whole broad situation by some Smart folks. I think anytime we start pulling folks out of the workforce, it is not good. Caregiving does that. 

We have so many opportunities on our planet. Yep, some are disguised as problems. Solving some of these may put folks to work. Solving some may give us feelings we may have lost somewhere along the way. 

Seems like “Planners” are needed, followed up by “Investors.” Some “Investors” may need to be satisfied with miniscule ROI’s.

Simplistic, maybe, but some things are simple. 

“Preventing disease” . . . . . Those words are increasing in popularity lately. So many clinical trials have failed concerning brain disease, so that makes us revert back to prevention. 

As usual, on my blog, always more questions than answers. 

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