Memories on 129 

We traveled to Cherokee, North Carolina recently. We were on U.S. Highway 129 from downtown Macon to Eatontown, Georgia. That’s about a 43 mile stretch. In 2013 this was part of my route across America. 

Although it has been over 4 years, my memories are vivid. Three particularly. 

  • The pushing got harder. The right rear tire on my jogging stroller was flat. A gas station was in sight. The bench out front became my home for a few minutes. Several folks were curious, asked questions and offered help. Fix-a-flat did the job. The clerk refused my money. It was a good feeling, having so many offer help. 
  • Rounded a corner and the shoulder all but disappeared. Traffic was heavy going both ways. Walking in the grass was unavoidable. The shoulder was steep to a ditch and that meant both pushing the stroller and working to keep it from turning over. It’s a beautiful stretch of highway and finally it opened back up with wider and flatter shoulders. 
  • It was cold. A voice called out. Across the highway a lady was scurrying down her driveway. She got close and asked if we needed to get warm a few minutes. Yep, she knew what a jogging stroller looked like and she knew jogging stroller’s usually carry babies. My explanation that my stroller carried my equipment and supplies for my long journey made her smile.  She patted me on the back and told me to come warm up a few minutes, and drink a cup of coffee. We sat in the garage. We spoke of many things. She seemed kind of beaten down. We said our goodbyes and she teared up. (maybe me too)

Good times, that became Great Memories! 

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