God gave me a Healthy dose of Persistence. 

Feels like I am working every day at staying alive and fit, so I can help others do the same. I like that thought. I’m keeping a promise. I stop, on occasion, rest, smell the roses, and then go back to work. I pause often to thank God. I manage my resources. I make mistakes and fail. I fall, but I Keep Getting back up. 

The only thing consistent about me is that I go to bed each night with a good plan for the next day, then I wake up the next morning and either keep the plan as it was, or change it. People are first, and I’m a people too. There is only one finish line that matters to me. I am Grateful. I take sole responsibility for my failures and share responsibility for the successes. I pray and I pray often. Most of my prayers are “thank you” prayers. I love competing with me. 

Well, enough rambling for the day. I like blogging and rambling fills the need sometimes. 


2 responses to “God gave me a Healthy dose of Persistence. 

  1. A lovely ramble Jack!


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