my mom

She will be 89 years old on October the 28th. She has said goodbye to her mom, dad, 9 brothers and sisters, 3 husband’s and a son. 

She has short term memory situations. She may make breakfast and then 20 minutes later ask me what I want for breakfast and she may do such as that a few times a day.

She still drives some, in fact that seems to be the time she reaches inside to fight back most. We talk before and after each drive. We recently had a professional evaluation and they recommended no night or rain driving and to drive in familiar places only.

When she ask me for an answer to a question, she wants me to challenge her and force her to practice remembering. She may ask – “Where is my phone?” . . . She wants me to ask her back – Where do you think it is? . . . . . She then tries to remember and will finally go look. If needed, I will call it from my phone and let her look for it. 

The same spirit that brought her through all of these years still exists. She ask me often to please help her Keep Going and not do everything for her. 

She acknowledges her short term memory loss, but has this to say: “I think I’m doing pretty good for a person almost 89 years old.”

It’s tough to see her struggle, but it’s awesome to see her fight back. It’s inspiring! 

We have family near. 

2 responses to “my mom

  1. Bless her sweet heart. She is a fighter isn’t she Jack. It is so hard to see your loved ones going through this horrific ordeal. All we can do is be there for them. A kind jester goes a long way when dealing with some one suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dimentia. It’s good that the challenge is taking place. She is not ready to give up & throw the towel in that’s what I meant by saying she is a fighter. I see you in her just from reading your posts about her. God bless you Jack for taking on this role as a caregiver for your mom. The time I spent with Mr Glenn Merrill was the most rewarding time for me. If I had to do it all over again I would do it in a heart beat. Continue on MY FRIEND. DAWNE


  2. She is so much strong in her 89 years age. The eagerness to do things by herself in this age, is her speciality. She has seen so many things in her life and I pray for her to see more of this world.❤


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