Are humans really living longer?

Wow, this is interesting. I read about life expectancy being 47 years in America in 1900. Then I got to thinking. Here are the ages my grandparents passed away. 

  • 94
  • 84
  • 71
  • 63

So 94+84+71+63 = 312.    Divide that by 4 = 78.     They were all born around 1900. What’s up with that right? Are they a rarity? Nope, that’s not it. According to some research folks, for the last 1500 years, many folks have lived that long and longer. Google it yourself and see whats going on. (hint-maybe infant mortality)

What is interesting is that of the ones that lived that long in the past, not many seemed to have alzheimer’s. Ah, but Augusta Deter did, but their were not many. It was rare, so rare that one particular doctor took off to study her, and he studied her for years. His name was Aloysius Alzheimer. 

Something has changed. Infant mortality has greatly improved. What we eat has changed too. 

What else has changed you reckon? 

2 responses to “Are humans really living longer?

  1. I think diet may have something to do with it. If I only knew what to change in the diet.


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