I take what I am doing very seriously #PREVENTALZ

Folks who come down with Alzheimer’s have tough times ahead. It’s scary anytime you are told you have a life ending disease, but to add the confusion that comes with alzheimer’s to it, has got to be major tough to cope with. Caregivers know they are at the beginning of a long journey. It is a labor of love and it may bring some of the best times of your life and maybe some of the hardest. Most say they would do it again, without a second thought. When you become a caregiver, you settle down, and meet the responsibilities head on, knowing it can go on for years. 

This matters to me. It gives my life purpose, as I want it. I pick the priorities in my life and waging a personal war with alzheimer’s comes right after family. If my family needs me, they would call, I would cease my purpose and go to them. 

In these 62 months of full time work, I have been on foot almost 17,000 miles and in a vehicle 25,000 miles. 

This alzheimer’s situation is serious, in fact, I believe it’s much more serious than most do. We have waited long to fund the research. I personally, have settled in for a long battle. 

Organizations that form to help in this fight need to be serious and frugal. Nonprofits should examine every dollar spent and promote integrity. 

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