the Fussell clinical trial (by me)

Grandpa and Grandma Fussell were born around 1900. They were farmers. They lived several miles from a town, and it was small. Grandpa died at age 71 from a heart attack. Grandma passed at 94 in her home. Nobody can remember either having any cognitive decline.They had 12 children. It is thought that 7 of them had dementia. 2 others died from cancer at earlier ages. 1 passed at age 94 with no cognitive problems that we knew of (she was thought of as a health nut). 1, in his 90’s, lives in Florida, with no decline of cognitive abilities. The 12th has no real history with us. 

None of the 12 children continued long as farmers after reaching adulthood. 

As children, they ate lots of meat, pork and chicken. (all fresh) They ate lots of fruit and vegetables. (all fresh)

I found information about preservatives in several places using Google. They agreed that most questionable preservatives gained widespread use around mid 20th century. (1950) Being very unscientific and assuming a lot, here is a thought. Most of my uncles and aunts would have been approximately 30 years old in 1950. They would have consumed a lot of the preservatives. I was born in 1950. I’m betting I’ve consumed a lot. In India, they have a very low occurence rate of alzheimer’s. They do not ingest many questionable preservatives, mainly because they do not eat much meat, pork and chicken. Indians live as long as we do, but their life expectancy rate is 10 years less, mostly due to a high rate of infant mortality. 

I’m not a scientist, but I have gut feelings. Is it partially the preservatives, that cause alzheimer’s? 

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