she knew we would never see each other again 

My friend told me she weighed a little over 400 lbs. We met at Amicalola Falls State Park. We chatted. She suffered from sleep apnea, and chronic back pain? She took out some pictures (2) and handed them to me upside down. She said I won’t tell you why I like them so much, but after having a look at them, you yourself will understand why those pictures hold me hostage. She cried and then apologized for the tears. She was around 30 years old. She asked that we speak on occasion, and I agreed. We exchanged phone numbers. Her mother exited the lodge and announced it was time to go. She hugged me, and said something similar to this.

“We will never see each other again, but I will always remember that you didn’t seem uncomfortable sitting and talking with me, and you didn’t look around to see who may be watching”

I phoned her 2 weeks later, and she had passed away. Her mother said she spoke of Mister Jack many times during the trip home.

She seemed sad as we parted. I think she found acceptance with me. (I hope so)

“the greatest wounds, we hide inside ourselves where they never show”

The pictures were of her younger days and she was wearing a nuns habit. 


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