In a nutshell  . . . . . how we rolled

Over 200 media outlets shared the story of our Epic Journey to raise awareness concerning Alzheimer’s.  The Alzheimer’s Association name and the  24/7 Helpline phone number were mentioned in most of those. The Alzheimer’s Association arranged most of the media. That was of great value to folks that needed help, saw the phone number and called it. I believe deeply in the Alzheimer’s Association, especially the Helpline. 

Major financial contributors were Marcia Bobo, Mark and Janice Lein, Flyline Search Marketing, Senior Star in Tulsa Oklahoma, Ted Nelson, The Bob Stroller Company, North Georgia Mountain Outfitters and Maureen Fair. 

A lady with the Veterans Administration had suggested Across the Land wear a Veterans cap. I did on occasion and many meals were paid for, by individuals, because of the cap. A tally was kept and that amount was paid forward to Veterans, mostly homeless, with either meals with and paid for by me, or gift cards, mostly Subway. 

I’m forever Grateful for being a small part of this project. The successes are truly ours and the failures are mine alone.

I’m forever Grateful for the thousands of folks that helped.

“Although there are many paths up the same Mountain, one small step is the only way to begin the climb. And always remember you’re not alone and there will be help along the way.”

It’s time for me to make less noise. May God bless everyone of you that helped in any way. May God bless us all. 

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