Woke up thinking of the Epic Journey 

From time to time I wake up in a particular mood, and I never know what causes it. I wake up and realize that I went all the way from the ocean near Savannah, Georgia to the ocean in Marina, California. 2594 miles of the Epic Journey was on foot, and 458 miles of it was as a passenger in a car.

Good times that became Great Memories. I am extremely proud of the effort we put forth and very Grateful for the help recieved. 

One of my hopes is that anyone that reads this realizes they have done some awesome things in their life. I hope they wake up thinking of those things sometimes and they realize that even though things may not have went exactly as they wanted, they were out there working at it. Failure is part of life and success is also part of life. No matter which one we taste, we keep going. Yeah, we try to learn from mistakes, sometimes we do, sometimes we do not, but we keep going. Sometimes the taste is of success and failure at almost the same time. You know what, this may be normal. It sure is normal for me. I find myself more and more inspired everyday by the folks that live near me.

Heard this somewhere, sometime . . . . . 

 “Yes, I would like to be perfect, but until then, I’m going to be human, and I’m going to be happy with doing what I percieve as my best.”

Us human beings, for the most part, seem pretty awesome to me. 

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