things are getting better in some places

Recently while having coffee with a friend in Little Rock, my thoughts and my part of the conversation went to some of the following problems.

  • people starving 
  • millions of refugees 
  • incurable diseases 
  • childhood obesity 
  • suicide 
  • drug and alcohol abuse

Steve told me he was pretty sure some good folks were working on those situations. He went on to say that he would think progress is showing on each.

I thought of that conversation a couple of days later, and began searching for information. He was right, folks are working on these problems, and things are getting better. No not fixed, some are far from being fixed, but making headway. I wish these things could be made good immediately, but progress takes time. 
I feel better than I did. We all gotta keep on going, adapt and persist. 

It’s not about hype, it’s, metaphorically speaking, about changing the tire. If we have the whole world excited and fired up, but the tire hasn’t been changed, the tire still needs changing. 

One response to “things are getting better in some places

  1. Little by little, but sadly no fix in our lifetime.


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