my friend from school 

He passed last year. He was homeless off and on for a long time. I heard he even spent some in jail. 

When I first met him he played baseball, basketball and ran track. His grades were good, and he was popular. What happened? 

Vietnam happened. I was never able to find out exactly what occured, but something did. I saw him when he left and when he came home. Believe me, the difference was stark, and I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t seek him out. Just tonight I thought of him again and wanted to say these words. Maybe my thoughts tonight will get his attention and he will know I at least thought of him and put this in my blog.

I was in the Navy during the time Ronnie was in the Army. Over 34,000 members of the United States Army died in Vietnam. The United States Navy lost 2550 sailors. Ronnie died twice. 

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