some thoughts about awareness 

I’m sharing this information because it may help.

Awareness – knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. . . . . . 

In a phone call last night my friend asked: “Did you ever concern yourself with the number of “Likes” – “Comments” and/or  “Shares?” Certainly, that was extremely important. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Instagram were put to constant use. Three different Fan Pages were used at one time or another on Facebook. I posted concerning every aspect I could think of. Media was important because of the numbers they reach. Meetings with public figures were important because of their reach as individuals and the media’s willingness to cover such meetings. Meetings with caregivers allowed sharing of information that may help. The meet and greets were advertised in advance and each brought out caregivers. All of these actions raised my level of awareness, so my effectiveness increased as time went by. Ego may have helped or hurt. I sensed I became a little self righteous at times, and may still be. I will work on that. Public announcement of my donations were meant to inspire others to do likewise. I was out of my comfort zone much of the time, sometimes because of the stress in the doing, and at other times the stress from wondering if I was doing the best I could. Any information I shared was designed to raise the awareness level of the listener. That took some assuming. What they said back, often raised mine. The load of it can become heavy, but that’s part of any job right? The failures with this campaign were indeed mine, and the successes were ours. Looking back at the failures, I noticed I failed to ask for advice, but on the successes I did. Team concept huh? It works, although I didn’t use it sometimes. I was made aware, during this five years of the kindness of strangers and old friends alike. I know this, their was no shortage of help. . . . I noticed a quality I have engraved in my soul, and that is the ability to persist and most of the time, I persisted while doing something worthwhile. . . . . .  That’s a lot of typing and a lot of words right there. I hope it brings awareness to someone and helps. Typing it has helped me. Prayer was a mainstay during the five years, it always has been, but became even more so. . . . . . I know this, I need to go fishing, but no water is near, so I will watch a movie about fishing instead . . 

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