who inspires me?

a lot of folks. Sometimes if I slow my life down and take time to really look, almost everyone I know has the ability to inspire. Sometimes it may be a runner, mountain climber, gymnast etc . . . sometimes it may be the mailman, a clerk in a store or the guy that changes the oil in my car. As I get older I find that if I sit and talk about things for awhile, the person I spoke with slowly tells their story. If I listen carefully, I find plenty of inspiration in the chapters. I follow several Facebook pages about athletes and/or adventurers and if I am not careful I pay to much attention to them. Inspiration there? Yes, their damn sure is, and lots of it, but I don’t ever want to lose sight of how much inspiration comes from other places. I want to examine this part of my life thoroughly. 

What about the missionary in Morocco? What about the UNICEF worker in Africa? What about the man down the street that works 40 hours every week, gives to charity, picks up trash off the street in front of his house. What about people who created responsibility and then took it and did what they felt was the right thing everyday, or even most days. What about the addict, that is trying to quit, or has quit? What about the certified nursing assistant, the policeman, the fireman or the man serving his country in the armed forces? Lots of inspiring stuff. My fault, that I am just now really realizing this.

Life is easy sometimes and sometimes it’s not. We humans try so hard. 

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