a few more words about Joel Osteen 

I turned the television on, there was a very energetic young man speaking, and almost immediately he told a joke. I enjoyed the joke, his body language, his tone and most of what he said. He spoke fast,smiled and moved all around the stage. As time went by, if I saw him as I was rambling around the channels, I found myself stopping, listening and watching.

Later, something about his situation made me feel uncomfortable. The feeling may have come from what I was reading or hearing  about him. It concerned the wealth he was reported to be gathering. Some folks said his home is worth 18 million and others say no, it’s only 10 million. I don’t understand that. The church is a non-profit. It feels strange to me, thinking about the stressed lives a lot of the congregation probably live, due to their finances. Something doesn’t feel right. 

When this mix-up came about, concerning the church being open or closed, for flood victims, the reporting caught my ear and my eye. I looked this morning at a website called Snopes. Their opinion of this seemed unsure. As I said in the other post, that is exactly the point. Joel Osteen should have been perfectly clear. To the folks that would need help, it may be life or death.

I don’t understand why I am posting about this now or why I did the other day. Maybe it’s because I read the other day that it is our duty to question things such as this. I’m supposed to be blogging about a horrific disease.

I hope the feelings I have are wrong. I have been wrong before, and I have been right before. I’m sure time will tell, but then again maybe it won’t. 

In my opinion, he was ambiguous concerning the opening or closing of the church for shelter. Some of those folks have lost everything they own. 

One response to “a few more words about Joel Osteen 

  1. Fair assessment. Things don’t look quite right and it is right to question. We want our pastors to be first responders, not late reactors. But don’t lose sleep over this. We know God is still on the throne. Judgement belongs to Him.


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