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it’s time for me to go – I won’t be dropping by very often

The quote in the picture below makes more sense to me now than anytime I have read it. 

Mom will soon be 89 years old. (October 28th) 

We live in Crawford County Georgia, in her home. My nephew and his family live 1/4 of a mile away. My sister in law lives approximately 30 miles from us. 

The job chosen by me is to be the person that makes sure mom is safe. Help has been offered by those spoke of in the preceding paragraph. I will sure need it, and have already called upon them many times. We are a good team. 

Raising awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease will always be a part of my life. With that said, my energy needs to shift, in a major way towards the here and now. 

My focus going forward will be keeping mom safe and keeping myself emotionally and physically fit. 

Social media use will change accordingly. It has been a great vehicle to raise awareness and introduce me to some of the most awesome and inspiring people in the world. 

Thank you to everyone that ever read a post. I appreciate your time. To you who commented, thank you. You all taught me. 

This is not a goodbye, it is a “I won’t be dropping by very often”

This picture was taken in Monterey, California in 2013. Mom drove out and picked up her son.

back home with mom

Over 4000 miles (car) through 9 states. It was a good trip. It came together and made sense. So many times actions are began that seem confusing to me. Almost always, the purpose reveals itself and it feels successful. Sometimes not though. 

This trip was about connecting with people from my recent past. “Inspired” was a word that comes to mind as I sat with each one. They each taught me a lot. 

It’s good to be back home with mom. 

we told folks to become neuroscientists, and there is not enough money to keep them busy

A few years back counselors were telling folks; ” become neuroscientists, you’ll be busy and never be without work” 

That is not the case, all over the country neuroscientists, especially new ones, are struggling to find work. (they have bills too)

Why isn’t there more money for Alzheimer’s research?

Folks are saying we will spend anywhere from $250 to $265 billion in 2017, because of Alzheimer’s disease. Folks are saying the NIH will spend around $1 billion searching for a cure. 

I don’t understand that. I just don’t understand. 

Wednesday (Day 13) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

The trip is over, I am almost home. The trip gave me a break and probably gave mom a break too. Every time I do this, I end up visiting a lot of people. Things seem to get stirred up in a good way. I feel kind of renewed and ready to go some more. My highest priority is the safety of my mom. After that I am working to raise awareness concerning Alzheimer’s disease.

I took this picture today while I was stretching my legs.

An article about multi Gene testing for Alzheimer’s

Amateur scientist are helping in the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s

Tuesday (Day 12) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

I left Sallisaw, Oklahoma this morning and ended up in West Memphis, Arkansas. I stopped for a while in Forrest City to see my friend Donnie. 

I stopped again every 50 to 60 miles and walked around and it felt like the thing to be doing. Here is a picture I took at one of the stops.

On my mind, almost constantly, is that according to the Alzheimer’s Association, over 1,300 people are diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease every day, and that is only in America. 

I had another lengthy conversation with a lady from India. She said her family, and she is sorry for it, is slowly losing the eating habits they had in India.

I’m trying to raise awareness concerning Alzheimer’s disease. My dad died with Alzheimer’s in 2000. There is no cure.

sentimental journey at times

Today was one of those times a memory jumped up and grabbed me. This is just east of Lonoke, Arkansas. To my left, across highway 72, is a small, but beautiful cemetery. Cemeteries remind me of how fragile my life is, but at the same time, the magnitude of the gift God has given me. I remember stopping here for a few minutes in 2013  and looking across the road.

Monday (Day 11) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

Left Erick Oklahoma, visited with two different folks and ended up in Sallisaw Oklahoma. Heading back to Roberta. 

One of the folks we met in 2013, passed away this morning from a heart attack. We have arranged to meet with some of her family tomorrow.

Yesterday, mom’s late brothers wife passed away after an extended illness. She may have had alzheimer’s. 

This trip has been cut short, and that is okay. Things come up. It’s been a good trip, as usual, more knowledge has been poured in my lap. Met with some more folks today from India and spoke about there eating habits.

I pull over about every 50 miles or so and walk around a little bit. This is one of the pictures I took while standing near Interstate 40.