Is competition good?

The word competition came up today. Here’s the scenario; a man has responsibilities he helped create, and they can’t be delayed. He finds himself confronted by the following situations: 

  • an event he is interested in competing in, is one month away
  • he knows he needs work, to compete well
  • he has one hour to spare daily (more than that would have him shirking his responsibilities. An hour per day will not be enough)
  • he wants to come out of this feeling successful 

Without over thinking this, it’s obvious that how he defines success is important. He can decide that working as hard as he can, for that hour, and being satisfied with how the event turns out, is “success” He could also decide not to participate in the event. 

Sometimes, because of competition, we may do things that take the sweetness out of the victory. 

I see the point my friend was making. I appreciate him. 

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