a crack in the wall – a metaphor? 

The village is at the base of the mountain. The mountain has a lake on top. The lake is always between 1/2 and 3/4 full. No spring, just rain. It supplies the water for the village. 

One day a crack in the wall appears and the water from that, slowly flows into the village. 

Four distinct groups come up with ideas:

  • purchase boats for the village and rent them out to tourists to float through and see the sites
  • build a wall to keep the water out
  • repair the wall
  • this group doesn’t care

Considerations – If all are strong willed this may be a long battle. Even if the intelligence of each group may be different, the wills could be all equally strong.  Remember, the lake is only fed by rain, so it will, at some point, run out of water. The group that doesn’t care now may wait until something is done and then protest whatever was done. The protests may even be violent. 

Our existence is awesome and has many situations similar to this. How do we keep going? We have to right? 

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