Friday (Day 1) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

Circumstances have put me in a position to be able to leave Georgia for a few days. Nothing definite planned for this road trip because my situation with mom is always a little up in the air. My plans are to be productive “raising awareness” concerning alzheimer’s disease.

​Had a conversation today with some Alzheimer’s Association staff. We were catching up. Always great to speak with them. 

Spoke with three folks crossing America on foot. Again, just catching up. 

Exchanged messages with a lady that crossed America last year on her bicycle. I crewed for her for a few days. She is in Australia. 

Had a sit down with a man that’s spending most of his life keeping little guys healthy. He’s one of those folks that is dedicated to what tugs at his heart. 

The news recently speaks of humans living longer than ever before, and that creates mixed feelings in me. What will the quality be? We have to make sure it’s good. 

I’m with family now and will turn west tomorrow and get to work. 

Heading towards Corinth, MS tomorrow.  

A CHANGE – I am staying put until Monday morning.  I have been invited to two soccer games, one tomorrow and one Sunday. 

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