Saturday (Day 2) of a road trip to “raise awareness” concerning alzheimer’s 

Started out the day thinking I wouldn’t do much concerning Alzheimer’s, but the day turned out different.

We headed from Amy’s house in Canton to the University of North Georgia campus for a soccer game. My grandson has being playing since he was three years old. 

I ask Amy if we could run by the Gold Museum in Dahlonega to see if my friend Sam was working. He was and we spoke for a few minutes. I remember introducing Sam to his now-wife Ryan, a few years ago. They have two beautiful children. Here’s a picture from inside the museum. Sam has some Alzheimer’s in his family and we spoke of that. He and his wife have been very encouraging to me.

We then went to dinner with friends, and I spent most of that time speaking with a lady who has Alzheimer’s in her family. She lost her mom to alzheimer’s. 

I enjoy being with family. Listening to folks speak of their connections with alzheimer’s is important to me, it’s how I learn. I try hard to focus anything I say, towards what they talk about. She loves to read and hear alzheimer’s news. She is looking forward to learning more about the Nun Study. It is such an honor to speak and listen to folks that have a common interest. We all want a cure. 

This was a good day. 

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