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Courtney’s Brave Monkey 

She had a double lung transplant a few years back and kept this little monkey with her during the hospital stay. Courtney smiled often and told others not to worry. She had cystic fibrosis and passed away. In memory of her, the little monkey hung on my stroller from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in 2013. In this picture the “Brave Monkey” was presented back to Courtney’s mom. 

Are you persistent or just stubborn?

There is an old story about Thomas Edison and the light bulb, a story which may or may not be true. However the point of the story will probably resonate. 

On the way to light bulb, Edison experimented with thousands of different filaments before he settled on a carbon filament that would last for hours. Once the light bulb became somewhat available, the story goes that he was interviewed by a science editor for a major publication. The editor asked Edison how it felt to have failed so many times with the thousands of previous filament experiments. Edison replied something like, “Fail? I gave you the light bulb!” – The editor stubbornly persisted, “but look at all your failures along the way!” To which Edison simply pointed out, “The light bulb had thousands of steps to it along the way. Had I viewed the previous steps as failures, I never would have wound up with a light bulb. I just didn’t know how many steps there were before we would wind up with the light bulb.

Again, who knows if the story is true or not. But the point is still quite valid.

The above was cut and pasted from an article on the HuffPost. Here’s a link;

one of my favorite pictures from 2013

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away”     Eudora Welty 

I remember this moment as if it were yesterday. Great Memories! 

Life sure is Awesome  . . . . .

a repeat, but it still applies 

We gotta take the bad with the good right?

keep telling them how hard caregiving is . . . . . 

There is no question that throughout our lives we are continually learning new lessons, we have to in order to grow as human beings. Thats why we have to go out and teach, never stop teaching, about what it’s like to be a caregiver. 

Lifestyles and Alzheimer’s – an article 

“We caught up with Amy Berger, author of “The Alzheimer’s Antidote,” who has been studying lifestyle factors associated with the neurodegenerative disease. Berger, a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, focuses her work on the benefits of low-carb diets.”

The paragraph above was copied and pasted from the article below.

a new poll focuses on caregivers – an article from Forbes

Dementia prevention, what does the evidence tell us? – an article from the NIA

Lots of information coming out about the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Here’s an article the National Institute on Aging tweeted today.

Lee Naval Air Station? 

On December 15th, 1945, NAS Green Cove Springs (formally Lee Naval Air Station) was downgraded in status to a Naval Auxiliary Air Station and transferred to NAS Jacksonville as an outlying field for limited training operations. Later, it would be abandoned. 

As teenagers we would launch our small boat at a nearby boat ramp and go to the docks. It would be after dark. We would use a fly rod and popping bugs to catch some of the biggest bluegills I have ever seen. 

As a child, I would sit and watch “Victory at Sea” with my father. That was the only time he would speak of his experiences during World War II. As I fished at the abandoned docks, I would think of those good times with dad. 

Here is a picture;