my future plans for this blog – alzheimer’s 

September 30, 2017 (4 days ago) was an important day for me. My firm decision was made to change the amount of time spent on the important aspects of my life. (in no particular order and not limited to these words)

  • caregiver 
  • father
  • friend 
  • alzheimer’s awareness 
  • my health 
  • my future 

As said before, social media has been a great tool to raise awareness, learn new things and make friends. 

For now I will post once a week here (Wednesday) and it will automatically post on Twitter and Facebook. The post will be concerning alzheimer’s. I will be on Facebook on Tuesday and on Twitter Thursday.

Alzheimer’s disease brings many changes, as does normal aging. Mom and I both, of course, are getting older. The changes spoke of here have a direct relationship to the changes aging has brought. 

 “Birds sing after a storm, why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?”     Rose Kennedy 

4 responses to “my future plans for this blog – alzheimer’s 

  1. I wish you well in your ventures. 🙂


  2. …and no-one will blame you Jack if you decide to slow things down a little. We are all getting a little older, a little slower in thoughts and deeds, a little more creaky; or is it just me?


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