my life is not on hold 

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook that was speaking of putting your life on hold to take care of someone. It referenced though, that the person that wrote this had realized nothing in their life have been put on hold, their life had just changed. Something about that stuck with me and I thought of it several times. I started feeling better and realized that is the same thing that has happened to me. My life is not on hold, my life has changed. Does that change anything mechanically? No it doesn’t, but it did change my mind set. No Euphoria here and no hype to talk about, but a calming feeling. I’m extremely proud of what I am doing.

Keeping her safe is my life.

One response to “my life is not on hold 

  1. Life is never on hold when you’re caring for someone you love. Helping my dad care for my mom who has advanced Alzheimer’s can be challenging, but sharing those brief moments of present time with her is something I’ll always cherish.


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