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Where am I and what am I doing?

Still here in Crawford County, Georgia with mom. We’ve been taking care of each other, off and on, since January 24th, 2016. Folks ask where I would rather be. I can say stuff, but here is where my responsibility is and it’s all good.

I manage a few miles every day, stretch often and eat pretty good. Pain here and there is normal. I watch Netflix some.

Raising awareness is a major part of my life. Right now, I am raising mine. There are always two sides to everything, and sometimes three and four.

“Thank you for brightening my world”

Alzheimer’s patient meets her granddaughter first time over and over

Taking aim at drug reactions – from the NIH

About pet therapy from the NIH

A link to Alzheimer’s Impact’s blog about the Semipostal Stamp

to keep going, Keep Going!  #ENDALZ 

As the years pile up, it becomes tempting to stop doing stuff. It’s also tempting for friends to tell me to quit. 

Can’t do that, gotta Keep Going, gotta Keep Going! 

“No matter how tired you are, just Keep Going! “

nursing homes find bed, chair alarms do more harm than good?

Unintended consequences? In the social sciences, unintended consequences are outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action.

This is an interesting article for your consideration from the Boston Globe on March 13th, 2015;

Here is another article from;

Twin Lakes, Colorado in 2015

I was driving on 82 near Twin Lakes, Colorado and decided to stop at the Willis Gulch Trailhead. Soon, 3 runners came down 82 heading towards Leadville, and they were moving fast. Such speed, to me, is amazing to witness. I yelled out “how many miles you doing today” and one hollered back “about 55” 

Those were good times and it was beautiful out there. 

I met a few folks on that trip that I had read much about in the past. 

Leadville is approximately 10,000 foot above sea level. 

I found out, on my own, that 82 is closed part of the year.  

About an observational study – from the National Institute of Health #ENDALZ

In 2009, the AGS came out in favor of prescribing opiods to seniors

with moderate or severe pain. I first heard of this in early 2012. It was controversial. If this is of interest to you, use Google.  There is a lot of information available. There have been some unintended consequences following that recommendation. The American Geriatric Society didn’t think seniors would become addicted. Thoughts that may come to mind immediately may be, how has this affected dementia diagnosis, and what kind of affect has it had in nursing homes.

 I am intrigued by the amount of unintended consequences that may shape our lives.

My Google search started with “Opiods and seniors” and expanded after reading. So-called experts think that unintended consequences are usually caused by decisions made with speed in mind, not accuracy. 

If this interest you, I wish you well with your research.