maybe it’s time to say so long to some family members 

I’ve been reading material addressing caregivers and their family. Some of the articles also addressed relationships with churches.

Most, if not all of the articles even list guidelines when breaking ties with either or both, may be prudent.

When I searched for articles on the internet, the search turned up an abundance of information. Almost all implied there are times when moving on should be considered.

I have friends that have cut ties with the church, and some that have with family. I have some that say they would never walk away from family.

This post is about caregivers and situations they find themselves in. No answers here, but it’s to let the reader know this possible situation is growing in number. 

Managing resources is vital when you’re a caregiver. I think caregivers, for good mental health, must realize truths about relationships. A very powerful statement is: “I’m Here” 


2 responses to “maybe it’s time to say so long to some family members 

  1. My dad cut ties with his church after his wife died with dementia. She was a member for 40 years or more and when she got dementia, they totally ignored them both. No visits, no calls, nothing. He has since joined another church at 89 years old.


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