my time as a caregiver for mom #CAREGIVER 

I arrived at her home on January 24th, 2016. Ninety percent of my time since, has been spent here. 

Keeping her safe from all sorts of possibilities has been and remains top priority. The amount of scams that are part of our lives now is nothing short of incredible. AARP warns of this on a regular basis. Most scams are introduced by mail, email or phone call. 

Mine is a work in progress. Watching her no longer be able to do some of the things she once enjoyed is the hardest part of being here. In fact, that is what beats me down. 

On occasion, I have been impatient. Afterwards the guilt was enormous. Progress is being made and feels good. 

“I’m here and have been for over 23 months” 

I overheard a statement she made on the phone yesterday. She was speaking to a cousin.    “He never goes anywhere anymore, he’s right here. He’s a good man”

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