my weight loss plan 

I purchased a book from Amazon for around $15.00. The title is “Aerobics for Total Well Being” and it was written be Dr. Kenneth Cooper. I purchased a heart rate monitor from Walmart for around  $35.00. 

I read the book. I picked 1800 calories for my daily limit. 75% of those calories were consumed before 1:00 pm. No eating after 7:00 pm. 50% were carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% good fat. If I could not measure the food, I did not eat it. I ate what was measurable. 

Three days a week I performed light aerobics for 1/2 hour. Three days a week, for 1/2 hour, I performed light resistance training. I took off Sunday’s. 

I weighed every morning at the same time. I added up 7 days and divided it by 7. The 7 day average was what I tracked. 

I lost 100 lbs in eleven months. Here is a picture that was taken a few days before my ICU stay. 

2 responses to “my weight loss plan 

  1. Well done Jack. Hope the New Year brings good health and contentment.


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