statistics for this WordPress blog – 5 yr Milestone 

These are some statistics from this WordPress blog. Please remember this was a team effort. I personally struggled every day and I still do. Knowing what to post and how often has been a bear for me. It still is. Constant advice has come in many forms. These numbers matter. The significance is the more numbers here, the more folks that have been made aware of what we say. That’s why we were here. It also means lots of folks have shared information with us. Below the statistics is a short description of what was going on that particular year. Here are the statistics;

Year      Visitors     Page views     Countries

2012           291               787                    31

2013       26428         128845                   89

2014         9164           28542                   92

2015       11098           36121                   90

2016         8202           30639                   82

2017         9087           32678                   99

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

2012     Training

2013      Crossing America. 2594 miles on foot and 458 miles in the passenger seat of a car.

2014       Most of the miles this year were at Amicalola Falls State Park

2015       Driving and running tour from Tybee Island, Georgia to Goffs, California

2016       Caregiving for mom

2017       Caregiving for mom

The description next to the year is not meant to be completely definitive. 

We posted in WordPress and we had it automatically post into Twitter and Facebook.

This post allows me to thank hundreds of folks that made these numbers possible.

“Thank you”

Jack Fussell Sr.


This blog was built and maintained by Flyline Search Marketing. 

 P.S. I posted this a few minutes ago. I wonder how many folks could have been impacted if I had talent for this. I hope somebody reads this and learns a little something from it and it helps in some way. 



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