do lawmakers pass so called letters of intent? do they forget about them?

It seems to me, they might sometimes.

I think I’ve noticed that a lot of, so-called letters-of-intent, pass unanimously.

I think I have also noticed, that everyone runs around congratulating each other afterwards, even though no real action, that may help people, has been taken

Yeah I’ve gotten excited about letters of intent too.

I think sometimes nothing comes of them, but every once in awhile something does.

Trying to find a place to see how the letter of intent is progressing, can be very hard, and sometimes when you do, there have been no updates.

This thought process has made me want to take a look at how I raise awareness. Do I really look at how beneficial what I do is? Are there parts of it, that are just hype?

I want to do that, the self-criticism, if there is some, should only help me.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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