the young man at the Subway was hungry

Sitting outside of a Subway, had finished eating. The young man looked, maybe 20 years old, at the most.

He didn’t approach me, I approached him. His clothes looked like they had not been washed in a while, and he looked stressed, very thin.

I asked if he was hungry, he said he was. His teeth looked like they were rotting out.

We stepped in the Subway and one of the employees came near and asked ?????? if he had money, and he shook his head no. I shook my head yes and the employee went back to cleaning.

Order anything you want

He wanted a 6 inch spaghetti and meatball sub, some chips and water.

We sat, no talking. The $42 in cash in my wallet was used to purchase a Subway gift card, while he was eating.

He cleaned the table, walked back to me and said “thanks” I asked if I could do anything more, as I handed him the card. He shook his head, shook my hand and went outside.

A feeling came over me to go say more to him, but what would be said? He was gone. As this post proves to me, I think of him from time to time, wonder if I could have, should have, done more.

The manager of the Subway came out, walked over, and thanked me for helping the guy get something to eat.

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