the eight men in a room

Read this years ago, paraphrased here.

They were just beginning their adult lives, schools over, leaving the parents, going to make their mark.

Eight young men met to decide how to best serve humanity. They decided immediately to split up into two groups, Group A and Group B, to make things less complicated.

Group A took the path, for some reason, and decided they would all do the same thing. As ideas were mentioned, the other three in Group A would state pretty good sounding reasons why each idea would not be the best.

Group B took a different path and decided to limit their discussion to one day, split up and meet back in twenty years.

Twenty years later when Group B met again, they were told that Group A was still trying to decide what to do.

Group A spoke first and said “We have not had any failures.”

Group B said “We have had failures and many successes.” We have  . . . . .

  • Fed thousands of starving people
  • Brought clean water to many
  • Found cures
  • Taught children how to read


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