9 years as a caregiver

We met a few years back, just west of Gallup, New Mexico. She introduced herself by holding a box of fresh doughnuts out the window of her car, and telling me to grab a couple.

She’s a 9 year caregiver for her husband. She called today to say they were still at it, still at home and she feels a “little on the hopeless side these days.”

What do you say to her, and all the others? This post isn’t really about that, it’s about the last paragraph.

Still no help, family, friends, church seem to be a thing of the past. Her support consist of an old friend that lives in a nursing home a hundred miles away. They talk often, on the phone.

She made an interesting comment today: “I feel like I’m fighting against the whole world sometimes.”

After hanging up with her, I had a thought. Before I started raising awareness concerning alzheimer’s, I don’t remember thinking about caregivers. I knew of one, but no conscience thoughts about her all those years ago. I wonder what it would have taken to have gotten my attention.

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