In 2013 I pushed Wilson across Georgia and a ton and 1/2 of America, but this, this is different, this is U.S.Highway 80, formerly a transcontinental highway. I did part of U.S. 80 in 2013, and parts every once in awhile since.

I’m 39 miles from the Alabama State line, with my section walk. I started at Tybee Island and will finish at the state line. I do what I can, when I can, it’s fun.

Bragging rights, yep, when I finish, this is what I can record – “I was on foot, every foot from the beginning of Hwy 80 at the Atlanta Ocean to the Alabama state line and it only took 6 years.”

I will be proud of this accomplishment, and another point, as I go, I am raising awareness concerning Down Syndrome.

Here is a picture where it started for me at Tybee.