staying social for now

I’ve been performing a few tasks in the arena of Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s and not posting of it. The stuff got done the same as it would have if I had posted of it. For a few minutes today consideration was given to continuing, raising awareness and money, but pulling off of social media. I spoke at length to three individuals that have much experience with such things.

Maybe the situation with Facebook started this process. Things were appearing on my Facebook page that I never posted and these were not tags or anything like that. That prompted me to close the page. Someone informed me that if I continued on that route I would lose all of my pictures. The problem is solved, we know what happened and all is good.

Time will go by and I will do what I think is best concerning all of this. No matter what occurs, I will remain in the arena having to do with Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.

I wish to remain active, and I want to help. Lots of progress has been made in both areas, but the “ones that know” say we have much to do. Figuring out what that is will be a priority.

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