Where do some of us find greatness?

Some go to ball games, concerts, recitals, races and on and on. I’ve been to those and saw greatness. The last few years though greatness, well, it’s all over.

The man that mows yard for seniors that have limited resources, and doesn’t charge them.

The lady around the corner that visits nursing homes to speak with strangers.

The lady that checks on her elderly neighbor every day.

The lady that drives 60 miles round trip every Sunday to take someone to church.

The lady that takes an elderly lady to visit her cousin in a nursing home every two weeks, 244 miles round trip.

The young girl that is making a huge difference in the lives of horses that may have been put down, had she not.

The lady that works “unbelievable” shifts so she can be home when her little boys are awake.

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