Does traveling long distances on foot raise awareness?

I have followed, to some degree or another, every walker/runner that has come to my attention, that is going long distances on foot.

Every person I have followed that states they are on foot for a cause would get a good feeling from my track record. Sooner or later, I pick up my smartphone and begin searching with Google about why they are out there, and my awareness absolutely, about the cause they speak, gets raised. It doesn’t seem, for me, to have much to do with them personally, other than their effort, that’s enough for me.

I spoke with one man that said he has followed me for years, but has trouble remembering my cause. Maybe some folks, no matter what, will not have their awareness raised, but I would think most would.

I personally think being on foot a long ways and letting folks know about it and telling everyone why consistently with social media, is a great way to raise awareness. They have all raised mine.

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