Friday 5 July 2019

Drove to Amicalola Falls State Park and met Mark. We walked up the paved road to the lodge, had lunch, visited old friends, and went down the stairs to the cars. There are 604 stairs.

I was a volunteer at Amicalola for many years, worked with the birds of prey, led overnight backpacking trips, lead in the park hikes for school groups and in doing so, met a lot of folks.

Here is a picture of Mark, taken today.

Here is a picture of some folks from todays walk. They had an Alzheimer’s connection.

Most of the folks I knew from the volunteer days are gone to other places now. Things change in our lives, something it feels good, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Alzheimer’s was brought up a few times today and I feel comfortable listening to the stories.

One lady spoke to me about the suffering her 60 year old neighbor experienced before he passed away with Alzheimer’s. She remembers a day he cranked his lawn mower, mowed a few feet, turned around, went inside, and left the mower running.

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