Improving is better than not improving . . .

No perfection here and I am not much for extreme detail. An example . . .

My decision to lose weight resulted in the loss of 118 pounds. No doctors or medications were involved. It was a calorie restriction diet along with light resistance and aerobic exercise.

I wasn’t perfect with any of it. 100 pounds dropped off in 11 months and the other 18 came slow after that.

Was I eating healthy food with every bite? Did I do every movement of the exercise with precision? Did I eat, every once in awhile, unhealthy food? Did I skip a workout here and there? The answer is no to the first two questions and yes to the last two.

No rewriting history here. That’s how part of my transformation went.

It seems to be part of my personality that if I shoot to be perfect or highly detailed, on some stuff, I quit.

To this day, my eating and exercise, are done the same way as before. No perfection here.


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