No matter what occurs, I can always do this . . .

If life changes for me because of sickness or old age, one thing, for sure, remains the same, and that is my ability to do my best.

This is an extremely important concept for me.

In the past my tent would be pitched in about 10 minutes, and it was done well. Over the years, the time has slipped to about 15 minutes and it is still done well.

Sometimes, we may stop doing stuff because we may not be able to do that particular stuff as quickly as before, or look as good doing it, but I don’t want to stop.

4 responses to “No matter what occurs, I can always do this . . .

  1. I tend to forget this, and I shouldn’t for I always want to do my best, even when the odds are against me. Advancing age is stacking these odds pretty high these days…


  2. Getting older is rather daunting, still when I see how old the persons are who are running for the US presidency, I go, hey, age is just a number. Doing our best to stay healthy and active while engaging in our favorite pursuits will keep us young at heart. The downside is, we might have to work harder to do what we easily did when we were young. Memory recall is harder. Names slip away sometimes and that is frustrating. Still, I take comfort in that there are so many of us, the older generation. WE are still relevant.


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