Mom fell today . . .

Mom has been in a routine of taking about 3 to 5000 steps every day. That is, until about five or six weeks ago. Why? That’s another blog post, for another day. Since then, she’s been taking 1 to 2000 steps per day. The steadiness she had enjoyed has dissipated somewhat. On the way home from urgent care, she told me she will get back on her prior routine. No broken bones.

8 responses to “Mom fell today . . .

  1. Glad everything is ok.


  2. Sounds like one determined woman. Looking to step ahead!


  3. She sounds like a trooper. An example to follow…must be where you get your tenacity and drive.

    My mom has had several falls lately in her quest to remain as independent as possible, even though she really does need assistance. Thankfully, no broken bones for her either.


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