Are the numbers to high . . .

The 10,000 steps a day is very doable, if all the stars aline with each other. If stuff is going on, maybe 10,000 is to much.

Maybe what’s most important, is to do the best ya can. Remember, we can’t fool ourselves. My opinion is that, we need to try to be the best version of ourselves possible.

I believe the 10,000 steps a day thing, is something good to shoot for. If ya can’t walk, then it’s not, and if ya can’t walk, maybe something else can be found to shoot for. Life is good.

During the month of January, I fell short of the 10,000 steps a day, with an average of 9925 daily. That’s okay, because I had stuff and did my best.

My phone serves as a pedometer for me.

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