My lifestyle needed some serious changes – msmw

270 days after my dad passed away with Alzheimer’s, the emergency room doctors admitted me to the Intensive Care Unit.

I love this picture of dad and I. My weight, just before the ICU stay was around 273 pounds.

The culprit was a bleeding ulcer. The loss of blood, the quantity, was atypical and my organs were beginning to shut down. It was life threatening.

After four days in ICU and one in a regular room, they discharged me with a serious warning. My lifestyle needed changing, and quickly, if I wanted the best chance at living a long and healthy life.

If you wish to read the history of what I consider pertinent, that led to my advocacy concerning Alzheimer’s, type “msmw” without the quotation marks, in the search box, and the posts will appear in reverse-chronological order.

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