Mom wanted to visit someone that was just released from the hospital . . .

Mom is 91 years and I have been with her over 4 years. It’s not something I love doing, but it is my responsibility. I show up, I do the work.

Yesterday a friend of ours came home from a lengthy hospital stay. Mom wanted to go visit her. I objected. She was fine with that. This morning she brought it up again, and I objected again. She asked me to ask her doctor. Reluctantly I did, but I told her that no matter what they said, my objection would stand.

The lady that answered assured me that she knows who mom is and is qualified to answer the question.

Her answer . . . “absolutely not”

Covid-19, according to many, is extremely dangerous. I am taking it very seriously!

I do understand her wanting to see our friend, but we will not be doing that right now. Hopefully the lady will understand.

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