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Watch “Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me

my friend said this brought comfort to her and I can see why it did.

goals? quotes?

My friend noticed all the quotes and goals I have blogged about recently, and decided she wanted to put a thought in the mix.

She has apparently studied and taught of such.

She said, paraphrasing: “Quotes and goals are not the end all, in fact, they are simply tools to be used at the right time. The end all is doing the right thing, at the right time, as often as possible. She added it’s easy to get lost in hype. One of the best tools available is reflection, input from others and a decision that can be questioned, and changed, if need be, during any trip.”

upping the miles . . .

I was really apprehensive at first, upping my miles everyday. I didn’t know how I would react. Walking is pretty low impact stuff though, so it’s going good.

July will probably be my biggest month so far in 2018.

It’s hot at midday, but the miles have to be covered when opportunity presents itself. What I eat and drink is pretty important and that seems to be going good.

With the increase in miles, better sleep follows.

I’m Grateful to be able to jog a little and walk a bunch.

what’s most important?

It’s been a good day, a busy day and somewhat informative. Four telephone conversations, three different causes. Each, according to the person on the other end, is the biggest issue facing society today.

Sorting that out could be time consuming. It’s worth noting that each person, for each cause, is in the trenches concerning what they think is important.

I’m Grateful to have folks that continue teaching me. I think part of learning is thinking you understand it all, realizing you don’t and going at it again.

Just like individuals, groups of folks are a work in progress too.

July 19, 2018 Quote

”It’s okay if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire” Colette Werden

From my friend JW

a visual suggestion from the NIA

Good Idea!

Watch “Eunice Kennedy Shriver: One Woman’s Vision” on YouTube

I have so much respect for her.

Watch “1st Special Olympics World Games-Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Charge to the Athletes” on YouTube

Beautiful stuff

my visit with Dr. Cooper

In 1969 while looking through some books, one titled “Aerobics” caught my eye. Why would you buy a book that you don’t even know what the title means? Bought it, read the first few pages and don’t remember anything about it after that, until almost 32 years later. Those few pages must have been very impressive to me.

Fast forward to 2001 in ICU and you’ll see me laying there with wires attached, measuring stuff. Dr. Cooper’s name came to mind, when discharged a few days later, went to the Internet, ordered a book titled “Aerobics Program for Total Well Being” and the author was Dr Kenneth H Cooper, the same man that wrote the book “Aerobics.”

After the book arrived, it stayed near, very near, for over a week as I read it two times, cover to cover, did what it said and lost over 118 pounds. I gave that book away to someone in need of it and bought several more over the years and gave them all away.

In March of this year the decision was made to drive on Highway 80 from Roberta, Georgia to where it ends nowadays in Dallas, Texas. Just before this car trip was conceived, Amazon was contacted, another book purchased, it arrived, was packed and taken with me to read.

On the way to Dallas it became clear to me that when reaching the western terminus of 80, the Cooper Aerobics Center would be about 15 miles away. Thoughts entered my head of driving there and taking a few pictures. I took pictures, but a strong urge had me ask one of the receptionist at Cooper Aerobics if Mr. Cooper might sign it. To make a long story short, he did sign my book, in his office, as we spoke alone for almost 1/2 hour. An unbeknownst dream come true for me.

When leaving Roberta, it seemed as though the trip was to travel the former transcontinental highway, but it turns out the trip was all about something else.


While in ICU I promised God that if he would let me out of there alive, I would improve my health and help as many folks as possible for the rest of my life.